Tailgating Misdemeanor Tickets

College Football Season: Tailgating Misdemeanor Tickets

The college football season has started and with that students are being ticketed while tailgating.  Whether you’re studying at Wayne State University, Michigan State University, the University of Michigan or another Michigan college, these tickets are very common but they should be taken seriously.  Even a single conviction on your record can have an impact on your future employment and educational opportunities.

Individuals may be charged with Tailgating Misdemeanor Tickets due to tailgating activities including Minor in Possession of Alcohol, open intox, assault, and Urinating in Public.  One of the most common is Minor in Possession of Alcohol.   The exact crime you are charged with depends on the location you are when you are ticketed but all have serious consequences including fines and possible jail time.

Civil infraction tickets may also be handed out for handling open containers of alcohol.  Open bottles and cans of alcohol are sometimes permitted on certain campuses during football games, however if you step off of campus or have an open container other than on game day, you may be written a ticket.  It is important to know the rules in your area because, even though civil infraction tickets are typically not associated with jail time, tickets for handling an open container of alcohol can be costly.

If you have been written a ticket while tailgating,

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Urinating in Public Michigan Misdemeanor LawyerWere you caught urinating behind the Black Finn in Royal Oak, at Comerica Park on opening day, in Mexicantown on Cinco de Mayo, or in Corktown on St. Patrick’s day? Well you’re not alone, every year thousands of Michiganders are slapped with violations of local ordinances that are misdemeanors, which can result in up to 90 days in jail and up to a $500.00 fine. Worse yet this will create a criminal record and you could even have to register on the sex offender registry. If you have been charged with urinating in public it is a big deal, with serious legal consequences.

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Detroit’s Urinating in Public Ordinance:

Sec. 38-9-2. – Indecent exposure:

No person shall make any indecent exposure of his or her person in any public place.”