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In Michigan, consuming alcohol in a motor vehicle, whether or not the driver or the passenger is drinking, is illegal. All open containers must be stored in the trunk of the vehicle, where they cannot be easily accessed. If you have been charged with Open Intox / Open Container, you have been charged with a criminal misdemeanor which is imprisonable up to 93 days, and carries up to a $500.00 fine. A conviction of Open Intox / Open Container will create a criminal record.

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Q: What is considered an Open Container?

A “Container” can apply to any can, bottle, jar, cup, or receptacle that is used to hold alcohol. Whether it contains wine, beer, or liquor, if the seal is broken and can be readily consumed by a person, it is considered an open container.

Michigan’s open container laws are designed to deter people from drinking and driving. People who are found in possession of an open container in a moving vehicle may receive a ticket and could face consequences, depending on the officer, and the circumstances. If you wish to discuss a charge concerning Michigan’s open container laws, looking for a Michigan Open Intoxicants / Open Container Criminal Defense Lawyer? call us at (248) 398-7100 for a free consultation or contact us with a private message.

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