Looking for a Warren Criminal Defense Attorney? Police Blitz Warren, Arrest More Than 100, Expect Another

Between April 29 and May 31, Warren Police executed a crime sweep and cracked down on local criminal activity. The Mayor of Warren, Jim Fouts, reports that 115 arrests were made, 314 moving violations tickets, on parental responsibility violation, on juvenile ticket, and 270 other citations. The arrests included outstanding warrants, and drug related offenses.

Residents were reportedly pleased with the initiative, the second of its kind. The first, which ran from December 13, 2012- the end of April 2013 also targeted the city’s south side. These are considered the higher crime areas. Mayor Fouts says the initiative “sends a message that Warren is not a good place to commit crime.” He additionally told the Free Press the city would continue to deter blight saying “blight begets crime, and crime festers in blight.” The mayor looks forward to a third installment.


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