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Violating Your Probation:

When granted probation after being convicted of a crime, you have to adhere to a set of strict rules. In comparison to going to jail, these rules are not that bad. Violating any of these rules can lead to sever consequences. Squandering your second chance will inevitably lead you to the sentence you so luckily avoided. More often than not, it is the simplest of rules that are broken. Here we have a breakdown of the stipulations that are usually found in probation.

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What is Probation?

Every state has specific rules about probation but generally it is a punishment for committing a crime that allows you to spend less time in jail or avoid it all together. In exchange, there are certain restrictions placed upon you. Some common rules are:

Normally, probation is awarded to first-time offender or misdemeanor crimes.Violation and Consequences

There are two types of violations that can occur, technical and new offenses. Both are considered a continuation of the case you were convicted of.

Examples of technical violations are:

Your probation officer will handle any of these violations. Initially, you may only receive a warning for breaking the terms of your probation. Repetition and more serious offense may lead to a hearing where the judge can set a punishment. That punishment varies on the severity of the violation can be lead to an extension of your probation, paying a fine, or jail time.

Probation Violation Attorney Troy:

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