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MIP Michigan: There Is Nothing Minor About a Minor in Possession.

One of the most common criminal offenses committed by university students is a minor in possession of alcohol (MIP). While many students believe this is “no big deal” and that many of their friends have been in their same position, handling a minor in possession charge in the wrong way can have lifelong effects on your criminal record, and even your career.

Under Michigan Liquor Control Code 436.1703, a minor shall not purchase or attempt to purchase alcoholic liquor, consume or attempt to consume alcoholic liquor, possess or attempt to possess alcoholic liquor, or have any bodily alcohol content.

A violation of this results in a misdemeanor, along with which there are fines, and a permanent mark on your record.

The penalty for a Minor in Possession may not seem harsh to you as a college student, but a permanent blotch on your criminal record can likely have serious consequences once one leaves university and enters the job market. In today’s economy, hiring employers are looking for any little attribute to separate job candidates from one another. Most commonly, they will accomplish this by doing a criminal background check. A small blotch on your record can be the difference between landing that job you’ve worked so hard through college for.

The potential long lasting consequences on students convicted of Minor in Possession are so burdensome that they have even caught the attention of those in Lansing. State Senator Rick Jones is sponsoring Senate Bill 332, which would change the penalty for Minor in Possession by keeping the fines but removing the threat of jail time or a permanent criminal record. The bill has received some support in Lansing as many believe current penalties are just too damaging to those convicted. This is certainly Jones’ motivation for sponsoring the bill, as he stated “Young people have found that having a misdemeanor on their record prevents them from getting college scholarships, sometimes getting into college, and certainly it affects future job prospects.”

While legislators are trying to lessen the harsh penalties assessed to those convicted of a Minor in Possession, they have yet been unsuccessful, and current rules are still in effect. It is vital to those who have been charged with a Minor in Possession to seek an experience criminal defense attorney to reduce the risk of life-long consequences.

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