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Two things guaranteed in life- Death and Taxes

The dreaded day of April 15th is quickly approaching. Remember that you MUST file your return or request an extension to file by October 15th on this day to avoid penalties. It is important to keep in mind that when filing an extension, it is only an extension for filing purposes, NOT an extension on your obligation to pay. The amount due from the previous year’s tax return can be used as a guide to what you have to pay this year. We recommend that you always go to an experienced certified public accountant or tax attorney.

What happens if you cannot pay the balance due or have past due taxes?

With the dismal Michigan economy, there are many taxpayers who cannot afford to pay their tax debt. This results in the debt moving to the collection departments of the IRS or State. Whether it is personal taxes or business taxes that are owed, the IRS and State of Michigan are aggressive collectors. They have the ability to garnish your tax refunds, file liens on your property, garnish your paychecks, and even levy your bank accounts. They may even knock on your front door!

What we can do for you:

Fortunately the IRS does have an Offer in Compromise program. The State of Michigan, much like other states, has finally passed legislation for an Offer in Compromise program which began January 1, 2015.   A “fresh start” program has been implemented allowing more lenient guidelines. Some notable Offer in Compromises accepted this past month for qualifying taxpayers have been:

-A onetime payment of $200 on an IRS debt of $75,000

          -A onetime payment of $150 on an IRS debt of $25,000

In order to qualify, the State or IRS may want financial information from you such as, whether you or your spouse are working, if you have any medical hardship, if you own your own home or other property, and your bank statements. This information will be used to determine if you are eligible per their guidelines for a reduction in liability. Tax debt can be a stressful burden. If you have questions about your past due tax liability, or to retain a Michigan IRS Tax Debt Attorney / Garmo & Kiste, PLC call us at (248) 398-7100 for a free consultation or contact us with a private message.

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