43rd Ferndale District Court

The 43rd Ferndale District Court, Ferndale is located at 305 East Nine Mile Road, Ferndale, Michigan, USA, 48220, and has only one Judge, the Honorable Joseph Longo. Note, starting July 1, 2013, the 43rd District Court was temporarily relocated in the basement of City Hall while renovations are conducted on the actual Court building. The 43rd Ferndale District Court is expected to move back in to their new building in the Summer of 2014.

The 43rd Ferndale District Court Division was established by the State of Michigan to make judicial decisions for the citizens of the City. Judge Joseph Longo has served at the 43rd District Court in Ferndale for 16 years and is the Chief Judge for the 43rd District Courts. Prior to being a judge, Judge Longo practiced law for close to 20 years. Judge Longo´s and was the Prosecutor for Oak Park and Huntington Woods.  Judge Longo received his Bachelor´s Degree from the University of Michigan at the age of eighteen.

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43RD District Court: