33rd District Court

The 33RD District Court, located at 19000 Van Horn Rd, Woodhaven MI 48183 is served by the Honorable Judge James K. Kersten, the Honorable Judge Michael K. McNally, and the Honorable Judge Jennifer Coleman Hesson. A  Magistrate appointed by the Judge, assists with Informal Hearings on Civil Infractions, Arraignments on Ordinance cases and Hearings on Small Claims. The District Court has jurisdiction of all City Ordinance violations and State Law Misdemeanors. The Court also conducts Preliminary Examinations of Felony Case.

Regularly handling Criminal and Traffic cases in the 33RD District Court which serves the Townships of Brownstown and Grosse Ile, and the Cities of Flat Rock, Gibraltar, Rockwood, Trenton, and Woodhaven, our attorneys are familiar with the City Attorneys, Wayne Counties’ Prosecutors, and the Judges of the 33RD District Court. Through our experiences and the relationships we have built with the 33RD District Court, our attorneys can anticipate the Judges’ responses, understand how the Prosecutor will want to proceed, and with that knowledge can negotiate the best deal for our clients.

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33RD District Court, 19000 Van Horn Rd, Woodhaven MI 48183