Henry Ford Community College Campus Attorneys/Lawyers

Henry Ford Community College Campus Attorneys/LawyersAre you a Henry Ford Community College Student facing a traffic ticket or a criminal charge? While you may think these sorts of legal problems are a normal part of campus life, they are actually a big deal and can have serious, lasting consequences if not handled properly. Some charges can affect your eligibility for student loans, put you on the sex offender registry, and/or create a life-long criminal record. As students who will be looking for jobs soon, this could present real problems for you in the near future, and you need to think about these consequences. You need an experienced attorney on your side. The experienced attorneys of Garmo & Kiste frequent the 19th District Court and the Wayne County Circuit Court, the Courts which handle arising on Henry Ford Community College’s Campus and its vicinity. Often our attorneys will know the prosecutor of other lawyers affiliated with you case, and may be able to negotiate a deal, or even get the charges reduced, modified, deferred, or dismissed.

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Some of the legal issues we see facing college students on a daily basis include: