Charged w/ Larceny of Property, need a Larceny of Property Attorney?

Charged w/ Larceny of Property, need a Larceny of Property Attorney? Larceny is legalese for theft that does not meet any more specific type of theft. In Michigan, the crime of larceny is described in MCL 750.356. Depending on the value of the goods stolen, and the number of prior convictions a larceny can be either a misdemeanor or a felony carrying heavy court fees, restitution, and jail time. If you or someone you love has been charged with larceny it is important to hire an experienced criminal lawyer right away. We can make sure your rights are protected and negotiate with the prosecutor assigned to your case in order to attempt to reduce, modify, or even dismiss the charges. In some cases if you are eligible we can work to get you sentenced pursuant to a diversionary program so that after a period of probation and good behavior, your record will be clean. This is important because when it comes to looking for a job or a new apartment even if you have the same qualifications as another candidate, if you have a criminal record it makes you less desirable to employers and landlords. This is one of those cases where investing in a good attorney is an investment in your future.

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