Illegal Public Dumping MichiganCharged with Illegal Public Dumping Michigan? Recently one of our attorneys represented a Canadian Citizen concerning a misdemeanor charge of Illegal Public Dumping in violation of a local ordinance, through thoughtful and careful negotiations with the city attorney the Client was offered a plea deal whereby he pled to double parking, a civil infraction punishable by a fine only.

Without our representation this client may have been charged with a federal violation of the Clean Air act, resulting in minimum fines of $5,000.00- $20,000.00, and faced up to $. With the right attorney, he will now pay approximately $300.00 and have a civil infraction, rather than a misdemeanor on his record or worse. If you have been charged with a similar violation contact the experienced attorneys of Garmo & Kiste, PLC for a free consultation today!

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