Avoiding A Messy Divorce | Free consultation | 248-398-7100While many people seem to think that once lawyers get involved that divorces become adversarial, in reality, one of the best things you can do keep your divorce amicable is hire an attorney. Here are some additional tips:
  • Meet with an attorney to strategize whether it would be a tactical advantage to be the first to file
  • Gather important documents such as tax filings for at least the past two years, bank statements, deeds, etc.


  • Try to sequester money or other assets
  • Post anything that could be construed as negative about your children, spouse, or that could be used to defame your character on social media sites.

The more amicably issues can be resolved, the faster the process will go, and the less expensive it will be for everyone. For more personalized tips from experienced divorce attorneys contact Garmo & Kiste, PLC.

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