Underage Gambling Charges Michigan MCL 428.218

Underage Gambling Charges Michigan MCL 428.218With the three Detroit Casinos, the brand new Fire Keepers Casino in Battle Creek, and various other smaller Casinos, Michigan has quite a few gambling establishments. As such, underage gambling is becoming a problem.

Internet gambling and “charity” poker rooms can also proof tempting for those under 21, because of the monies generated, and the stiff fines imposed on the Casino or gaming institution, there has been a huge crackdown on underage gambling.

Here are the legal sanctions associated with it:

MCL 428.218:

(3) A person, or an affiliate of a person, is guilty of a misdemeanor punishable by imprisonment for not more than 1 year in a county jail or a $10,000.00 fine, or both, for doing any of the following:

(a) Knowingly making a wager if the person is under 21 years of age or permitting a person under 21 years to make a wager.

(b) Willfully failing to appear before or provide an item to the board at the time and place specified in a subpoena or summons issued by the board or executive director.

(c) Willfully refusing, without just cause, to testify or provide items in answer to a subpoena, subpoena duces tecum or summons issued by the board or executive director.

(d) Conducting or permitting a person who is not licensed pursuant to this act to conduct activities required to be licensed under the casino, occupational, and suppliers licensee provisions in this act or in rules promulgated by the board.

(e) Knowingly violates or aids or abets in the violation of the provisions of section 7b of this act.

(f) Leasing, pledging, borrowing, or loaning money against a casino, supplier, or occupational license.



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