Student Loan Debt Stunting the Economy? Student Loan Debt Settlement

Does this situation sound familiar? Your mid-twenties son or daughter currently lives in your basement. Or this one? You are in your mid-twenties and have had to approach your parents to move back home? This situation is becoming more and more common, and recent census data shows that there are 6 million young adults in this situation (meaning there are also 6 million parents wondering when their kids might finally leave the nest as well). It might seem like kids these days are just lazy, but in reality this is an example of national policy having a trickle-down effect. The vast amount of student loan debt seems to be impacting modern family structure. It is also preventing young people from making big ticket purchases such as a home or a new car. Americans between age 25 and 34 made up on 27% of home buyers in 2011, which is the smallest percentage in the last decade per the National Association of Realtors. Further, if you think about it, that is prime age for people to be buying a  house so it should conceivably be the highest group.

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