Roommate Drug Liability Michigan

Whether you are living in the dorms with an assigned roommate, or living off campus with friends, there are times when your roommate’s actions can put you at legal risk. If your roommate is committing some drug crimes such as manufacture, distribution, or even possession, in some cases you could also be charged. If the police believe you were aware of what was going on or involved you can be charged as well. If you do not hire an experienced attorney to protect your rights, you could end up going down for the same crimes as the guilty party. If you find yourself in this situation, it is important to contact an attorney sooner than later as drug charges can affect your financial aid eligibility.

An experienced attorney can negotiate for a plea agreement get the charges reduced, modified, or even dismissed. Even if you have already been sentenced we may be able to get you sentenced pursuant to a diversionary program with the effect that the charge will eventually fall off your record after a probationary period of good behavior.

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