Michigan Property Seizure Lawyers

There are several instances in which police can seize your property. First, if you are arrested police will take your personal property for safekeeping and give you a voucher. You will usually be able to reclaim this property easily after you are released from custody. However, property may also be seized as evidence in an ongoing investigation, or pursuant to a search warrant. In both of these cases it may take a very long time for your property to be returned. In some cases if you do not act affirmatively it may never be returned.

An experienced attorney can advocate for you with the Police Department, prosecutors, and ultimately get you in front of a Judge so the Police have to explain their basis for holding your property. If it doesn’t hold up, then your property will be returned. Our attorneys frequent metro Detroit courts and have built professional relationships with the Judges and in many cases even police officers who will be assigned your case. We know the procedures and quirks of the local courts and can put these to work for you to get your property back sooner.

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