DUI / OWI / DWI / DWVI’s in Oakland County

DUI/OWI/DWI/DWVI’s in Oakland County

So you got the dreaded Oakland County DUI, OWI, DWI, DWVI. While Macomb County and Wayne counties are somewhat more lenient with respect to DUI charges and sentencing, Oakland county is regarded as an extremely tough County. It is unclear why this may be the case, except that Judges must live in the district in which they sit. Oakland County has many cities that are perceived as young, hip, and fun places to go out and have a few drinks. Judges living in the county and seeing such behavior may feel the need to overcompensate to protect their own cities and families. Additionally, no Judge wants to be seen as “soft on drinking and driving” or risk the wrath of potential voters.

Unfortunately those who are charged in Oakland county pay the price. While a similarly situated Defendant in Macomb or Wayne County would be unlikely to do community service and would have fewer alcohol class requirements, an Oakland County Defendant is practically guaranteed to do at least community service and a significant amount of alcohol treatment programming. An experienced attorney in the tri-county area is familiar with these trends and the quirks of individual judges. We can work to ensure you get justice and to protect your rights. Ultimately we will force the prosecutor or city to prove their case against you, or work with them to get the charges against you reduced, modified, or even dismissed. When it comes to sentencing we can present factors that weigh in your favor to avoid jail time, court fees, and fines. When it comes to terms of probation we can try to get the shortest term, or the least invasive, whatever program can be successful for you. Due to the nature of Oakland county courts, it is very important to have an advocate when facing a DUI charge.

Our attorneys are regulars at metro Detroit courts, and are at Oakland County Circuit on a weekly basis. We know the judges, prosecutors and city attorneys who will be assigned to your case. We can put this experience to work for you and attempt to negotiate an early settlement saving you time and money.

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