Aggravated Felony Conviction Michigan Immigration Attorney

Another category of offense that can have serious ramifications for your immigration status is an aggravated felony. An aggravated felony is a crime for which you may be imprisoned for a term of more than one year. The categories of crimes included have been expanded several times over the past few years through federal legislation. If convicted of an aggravated felony and you are not a citizen, depending on your status you may not receive asylum, become a citizen, or enter the United States among other immigration problems. In order to avoid these results it is critical that you hire an experienced attorney to negotiate the charges.

A felony charge may be negotiated down to two misdemeanors, or to a felony that is not considered “aggravated” for the purposes of immigration. In the past we have been able to work out a plea agreement for our clients with the effect of preserving their immigration status and eligibility. As experienced Metro Detroit Attorneys we have built relationships with the local Prosecutors and/or City Attorneys who will be assigned to your case. The attorneys of Garmo & Kiste, PLC have been able to negotiate for clients in the past to get the charges reduced, modified, or even dismissed.

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