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Small Business Owners Personal LiabilitySmall Business Owners, Insulate Yourself from Personal Liability!

Being a small business ourselves, our attorneys understand that starting a new business in a poor economy is no small task. Between creating a business plan that generates profit, finding financing, hiring and managing employees, and marketing your business the average small business owner has his or her hands full. But because owning a business is so taxing, so time intensive, many business owners do not consider their own legal relationship to their businesses. Small business owners who fail to insulate themselves from their businesses put themselves and their personal assets, i.e. their homes, their cars, their big screen televisions, at risk, for no reason. The responsibility for paying back debts incurred by your businesses tacked onto you personally.

Learn How to Avoid Being Sued, keep from Losing your Personal Assets, and how to Deal with Creditors and Collection Agencies.

No one wants to think their business will fail. But even Henry Ford, business magnate, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and Detroit’s own, bankrupted two car companies, before starting Ford Motor Company, the first of which never even made a car. Our attorneys hope that each business client we advise not only succeeds but flourishes. But that does not mean we don’t advise our clients to plan for the worst. Having started our legal careers as collections attorneys, it was hard not to notice a constant theme- a business collapse, a failed pizza franchise, a realty company, a certified public accountant, whatever the business, the owner now the target of our collection suit, simply because he or she did not plan for the worst, because he or she did not insulate themselves from their businesses’ debts.

Over the years, as with consumer collection matters, Garmo & Kiste, PLC has developed several low-cost tactics to protect our clients individually. Our tactics are designed to insulate the individual from their business. Whether you are a start-up business or one that has been at operating for years, it’s never too late to give our attorneys a call to see how we can help you plan for the worst.

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