Michigan Drinking and Driving BAC limit stays at .08

Michigan Drinking and Driving BAC limit stays at .08:

In 2003 there were 340 deaths related to drinking and driving. The legislature acted to lower the BAC threshold for drinking and driving from .10 to .08. By 2011, drinking and driving related deaths had dropped to 253. The law lowering the limit was originally temporary. It would have reverted back to .10 on October 1st. The Senate unanimously voted to retain the .08 threshold.  This was not entirely unexpected based on the relatively recent passage of the “Superdrunk” law. It seems the Michigan legislature aims to take a hard line with respect to drinking and driving offenses across the board. If you or someone you know is charged with a drinking and driving offense, it could have serious repercussions with respect to driving privileges and your criminal record. An experienced attorney can minimize this effect.

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Are you a Canadian Citizen or Resident Charged with a Drunk Driving / DUI / OWI or other alcohol related driving offense here in Michigan?

Canadian citizens and nationals living in the province of Ontario beware that if you are convicted of Drunk Driving / OWI / OWVI here in Michigan, will be punished twice if the right steps are not taken. Michigan and Ontario maintain a treaty that requires sharing driver’s license information even though Treaties by a state and a foreign nation are prohibited by the U.S. Constitution; the treaty utilizes a little known exception to the U.S. Constitution concerning Drunk Driving / OWI / OWVI. Section 42.1 of Ontario’s Highway traffic act maintains certain New York and Michigan convictions carrying mandatory suspension of your Canadian license where the conviction itself would not cause an American in the same circumstances to lose his or her license. The ramification of a conviction for a Canadian citizen who works in the United States can be even worse. Though it carries few immigration consequences, the same as U.S. citizens with Drunk Driving / OWI / OWVI cannot freely travel to Canada. A Canadian citizen with a Drunk Driving / OWI / OWVI cannot freely travel to the US.

Below we have included a list of all Michigan laws which carry a mandatory suspension of your Canadian license.

See also, http://www.e-laws.gov.on.ca/html/regs/english/elaws_regs_930037_e.htm

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