Order of Filiation Michigan Family Lawyer

When a child is born, the father generally signs the birth certificate thus “acknowledging” that he is a legal parent. If this does not happen, at a later date both parents can sign off that he is in fact the father. Additionally, if the mother and father are married there is a rebuttable presumption that the husband is the child’s father.

In today’s modern world though, families don’t always look the same. Whether the parties aren’t married, the father was not present at the birth, or the mother withheld information to prevent the father from being aware of the child or the birth sometimes the father does not get to sign the birth certificate. However, if the father does not sign the birth certificate, and has never “acknowledged” the child legally, he has no legal rights to parenting time or custody. In order to regain these rights, one must get the Judge to sign an “order of filiation” stating that you are the legal father. This comes with rights to spend time with your child, and also responsibilities of paying child support. If you wish to proceed and assert your legal right to your children, contact an experienced attorney to discuss the pros and cons with you, and make a motion to the Judge.

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