Is Hiring an Attorney Cheaper Than Paying a Traffic Ticket?

Traffic TicketEveryone expects to pay a fine, and face possible insurance premium increases when they get a traffic ticket. However, something you may not expect to be slapped with is a “Driver’s Responsibility Fee.” This fee is often assessed against people for Driving While License Suspended, or any types of driving infractions which result in seven (7) points on your license. Levied by the Department of Treasury, failure to pay the driver’s responsibility fee can result in your license being suspended with no notice to you. Even if you pay it the first time, you often may not be notified that the Driver’s Responsibility fee is often charged on a recurring basis for several years.
While it may be tempting just to pay a ticket and get it over with, when you factor in the recurring driver’s responsibility fee and increased insurance premiums, it is much cheaper to hire an attorney to fight the ticket. Our experienced attorneys have gotten tickets reduced, modified,  and dismissed, for our clients. We frequent Metro Detroit Courts and have relationships with City Attorneys and prosecutors who will have been assigned your case. Let us work to negotiate a no or low points option for you and avoid Driver’s Responsibility Fees!