Charged w/ loitering while in the presence of drugs?

Need a Livonia Criminal Defense Attorney? Charged w/ loitering while in the presence of drugs? Some firms are all talk. At Garmo & Kiste we like to share real life stories of how we were able to help clients. Today after numerous pre-trials and substantial discovery we were able to get a loitering while in the presence of drugs DISMISSED outright. If this particular Defendant had gone into court unrepresented he would not have known to ask for multiple pre-trials or rounds of discovery. When we get involved though we force the prosecutor to actually prove every element of their case beyond a reasonable doubt. If this were done more often it is likely more cases would be dismissed when prosecutors realize they can’t meet their burden of proof. It is the difference between our client facing a term of jail time, a $500.00 fine, various court costs and fines, and a period of suspended or restricted license versus getting off entirely free and clear. Many times it is worth the upfront cost of hiring an attorney to prevent expensive, longer term results- as this case proves!

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