Sexting Criminal Defense Attorney

While sexting may seem like harmless fun, if either of the parties are under the age of 18 it can result in some very serious charges. The state sees this as the creation and distribution of child pornography. Even the child him or herself can be charged, and if a computer was involved at any time it can result in sentence enhancements. Sexting is a problem with no end in sight, and has been debated on TV talk shows, at school board meetings, and by parents throughout Michigan and worldwide. While most adults would like to see sexting made illegal, current Michigan law . If you or a loved one have been charged with a crime associated with sexting it is important to retain an experienced criminal lawyer to protect your rights. Our experienced attorneys are regulars at metro Detroit courts and have developed relationships with local judges, prosecutors, and city attorneys who will be assigned to your case. We can negotiate with the prosecutor to get these charges reduced, modified, or even dismissed. We can work to get you sentenced pursuant to a diversionary program so that if all goes well your record will eventually be clean.

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