Court Appointed vs. Retained Attorneys

Court Appointed vs. Retained AttorneysWe all know the famous line. “You have the right to an attorney. If you cannot afford an attorney, one may be appointed for you.” But what rights do these really confer? It can be tempting if you are charged with a crime to rely on court appointed attorneys, but this can be a risky choice. Up to 90% of people charged with a crime represented by Court appointed attorneys may be found guilty. Additionally, they are paid a certain amount per case, so it is in their interest to resolve your case as soon as possible even if it is otherwise in your best interest to take the matter to trial.

Finally, even though the attorney is appointed, you will still pay your appointed attorney, just through additional court fees and fines rather than as a retainer. In the legal market you get what you pay for. Hiring an experienced firm such as Garmo & Kiste, PLC guarantees that we will give your case all the time and attention it deserves. We will go through your file with a fine tooth comb in order to get the best results possible for your case.

Still unconvinced? Listen to this report from NPR:

When it matters for your future, retain a lawyer who has the time and resources available to devote to you!