Michigan Cell Phone Ban Tickets: Governor Snyder Approves Cell-Phone ban for Teenage Drivers

Cell phones and driving have always been controversial. There are those who say it is just like talking to a person in the vehicle, those who argue that Bluetooth technology solves the problem, and those who are in favor of an outright ban. However, the anti-texting and driving bans have proven popular and seem to have made some inroads into the ability to legislate this touchy issue.

Governor Snyder signed “Kelsey’s Law” which makes driving while talking on a cell phone as a teenage driver (Or level I and II driver) a civil infraction. The law is named after a 17 year old Sault Ste. Marie young woman who was killed in a car accident while talking on her cell phone. For more information please see:


The sentence is to be determined by local municipalities.

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