Animal Fighting Law Michigan MCL 750.49

Animal Fighting Law Michigan MCL 750.49, is the Michigan compiled law which concerns animal fighting, and makes many activities relating to animals felonies. Specifically, anyone who owns, or offers to buy or sell an animal trained for fighting is in violation of the law the same as anyone present at an exhibition. This means that anyone who has just arrived at a dog fight, as long as they are aware what was going on, is as guilty as the person who has been training the dogs for fighting and can face up to 4 year’s incarceration, $1000.00-$5000.00 fines, and up to 500 hours of community service. You may also be required to attend mental health counseling.

Other ways the statute may be violated include insufficient security in containing animals trained for fighting, or very harsh penalties for anyone whose trained animal injures another. The animal will be forfeited, the defendant will have to pay costs associated with housing and healthcare for the animal, and upon conviction the Defendant will not be permitted to own another of the same type of animal for five years.

If you have been charged with any of the above offenses you need an experienced criminal defense attorney to represent you. Otherwise you may get maximum penalties, or even be charged federally like Michael Vick.

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