Biomarkers and Alcohol Testing

Biomarkers and Alcohol TestingBiomarkers are a blood protein that can be indicative of the not only the presence of alcohol, but also usage patterns, alcohol dependency, and relapse in the case of alcoholics. They can be identified rapidly and with a high level of certainty by a simple blood test. The only confounding factor yet identified is the presence of alcohol in household and personal hygiene items such as mouthwash or hand sanitizer. Previously labs could identify indirect residue of alcohol consumption based on effects primarily to the liver and other measures of body chemistry. These tests are direct as they test for analytes of alcohol consumption. They are therefore more reliable.

What does this mean for you? If you are on bond or probation, subject to alcohol testing, or required to be abstinent as a condition of your driving privileges the level of supervision you face may be about to go up. On the other hand, as the tests become more specific and fine-tuned, there is less of a chance of a false positive and could be used to your advantage. Currently probation officers and roadside tests use PBT testing, or at the very best the datamaster. PCT is notoriously unreliable and the datamaster may give rise to many implied consent violations for those who are unable to perform the test. An experienced attorney can work to get you off of probation faster, or to get a type on non-reporting probation so that you don’t have to submit to the uncertainty of drug testing, regardless of the procedure used.

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EtG Testing Probation MichiganIf you are on probation or bond, especially if it is for an alcohol or drug related offense, you may be subject to random alcohol testing. Often this will be a standard PBT test, such as the one you may have performed on a roadside sobriety test for example.

However, if you are prohibited by law from drinking alcohol due to certain offenses or legal status, you may be subjected to an EtG testing.

This urine test can detect ethanol alcohol in a person’s body up to 80 hours after consumption of alcohol, depending on metabolism and amount of alcohol consumed. In practice this test is often ordered as a condition of allowing a probationer to leave the state, upon return. Failure can lead to a revocation of bond or probation status. The problem is, this test is so sensitive there is evidence to suggest that even exposure to quotidian chemicals such as hand sanitizers, aerosols, or even cosmetics may trigger a positive result. If you have tested positive on an EtG testing, or any other probation violation you will have a probation violation hearing and could end up in jail or with your probation status revoked. An experienced attorney can represent you at the hearing to present these issues with respect to the validity of the test and others to keep you out of jail and your record clean.

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