Utica Michigan Traffic Ticket Attorney

Utica Michigan Traffic Ticket Attorney:

Did you recently receive a traffic ticket in Utica Michigan? A traffic ticket can be a serious matter, whether you were written for speeding, careless driving, moving violations, or even reckless driving or driving while license suspended. These final two are traffic misdemeanors which can stay on your record forever and cannot be expunged.

A speeding or other charge carries points on your driving record. Over time, if you accrue enough points, or are charged with certain offenses, you may be subject to driver’s responsibility fees. Any additional points on your record also have the potential to raise your insurance premiums. In the long run, fighting a traffic ticket with the help of an attorney can save you hundreds of dollars.  Our experienced attorneys can work to get your offense reduced to the level it will not even appear on your driving record.

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So, how much will my insurance go up?

Insurance rate increases are calculated by the insurance companies themselves using complex risk analysis algorithms which take into account many factors such as:

1. Your driving record.

While a first offense may very well lead to an increase in insurance rates, if you have multiple violations, you are more likely to see an increase, and it is more likely to be substantial.

2. Your history/relationship with the insurance company.

While insurance companies are not necessarily known for their loyalty, if you have a long history with the company you have more good driving to balance out this single incident.

3. The type of moving violation(s) in question.

Insurance companies are trying to determine which drivers are a safety concern and most likely to cause damage to people or property. However, even minor traffic tickets can, and do, lead to an increase in insurance rates.

While there are many factors to consider and it is difficult for anyone to say exactly how much a traffic ticket will increase your car insurance, traffic tickets do normally lead to higher car insurance rates.

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