Need a Troy Michigan Divorce and Family Law Attorney?

Divorce, regardless of whether the parties are on good terms or not, is a difficult situation fraught with emotion. Especially if children are involved, it can get ugly very quickly. One of the best things you can do to ensure a smooth transition into your new life is to hire an experienced attorney you trust to help guide you through this difficult time.

Particularly when children are involved, choosing the right attorney can be the difference between successful negotiation and all out war.  At Garmo & Kiste, PLC we are familiar with custody issues and can avoid common pitfalls in order to find the best arrangement for you and your children.

Once you have made the decision that it is time to get a divorce, it is important to get your ducks in a row before initiating the process. By contacting an attorney prior to filing we can protect your assets and interests from the get go. You will be asked to accumulate documents including marital debts, assets, tax returns, trusts or wills, and bank account and employment statements. Finally, we will write and file the complaint for you in order to initiate the case. From here, there is a 60 day waiting period before the divorce may be granted, 180 days if there are children involved. The Complaint will be served on your spouse either via certified mail or personal delivery. They will then have 21 to 28 days to answer.

Conversely, if you have been served with a Complaint for Divorce you should retain an experienced Divorce Attorney to help file your answer as soon as possible. Once the Complaint has been filed and the Answer entered, the divorce enters the resolution phase. During this phase any outstanding issues regarding settlement of assets, marital property, debts, or custody must be resolved. Generally it goes to a settlement, or if no agreement can be reached, a mediation and ultimately a trial if need be.

Getting a divorce is difficult emotionally, and legally. An Attorney you trust can guide you through the process and get you well on your way to starting a new life.  Need a Troy Michigan Divorce and Family Law Attorney? To retain Garmo & Kiste, PLC, for assistance in these matters call us at (248) 398-7100 for a free consultation or contact us with a private message. We are experienced Michigan attorneys with offices in Troy, MI.

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