35th District Court Plymouth Juvenile Crime Attorney

You may have noticed recently a lot of specialized courts popping up: Mental Health Court, Drug Court, Domestic Violence Court, Veterans Court etc.

The idea behind these Courts is that it will be more time effective for judges to specialize in one type of case, and more effective for the Parties in that court since the officials will have lots of experience concerning this specific issue.

The original specialized court was the Juvenile court, where the focus is on rehabilitation of juvenile offenders rather than punishment. However, the Northville/Plymouth Canton Area is bucking tradition (or going really retro) and re-integrating their juvenile crimes into regular court. Juvenile law is still applied, and there are separate probation officers.

When we first learned about this, we were really surprised as it is abnormal for Wayne County, it having a Juvenile Court. However, having practiced regularly in the 35th District Court we are still able to get our clients’ charges regularly diverted, meaning there will be no long term result, or a criminal record (or juvenile for that matter) as long as they comply with certain probationary benchmarks.

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