Credit Card Debt Collection for an Authorized User in Michigan

My Mother, Daughter, Friend, Son, Nephew, etc. used my Credit Card and never paid me back and now the Credit Card Company is suing me. Am I stuck with the bill? Or do I have any recourse? Unfortunately, you are likely liable for the debt. You could file an affidavit with your credit card company […]

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Can I Get a Star Named After Me and Claim Copyright to it?

One radio advertisement I heard over and over again during the holidays was for International Star Registry, a company that offers the ability to “name a star after someone” for a low fee of $54.00.  In addition to having the star’s new name “registered at the US Copyright office,” you get a certificate, a star […]

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Small Business Owners Personal Liability Michigan

Small Business Owners, Insulate Yourself from Personal Liability! Being a small business ourselves, our attorneys understand that starting a new business in a poor economy is no small task. Between creating a business plan that generates profit, finding financing, hiring and managing employees, and marketing your business the average small business owner has his or […]

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Ineligible for an Expungement in Michigan, now what?

Ineligibility for Expungement: It is likely you are NOT eligible for an expungment if- You have more than one Criminal Conviction. Multiple offenses disqualify you from expungement, whether misdemeanor or felony, or even arising out of the same incident. You have been convicted of a violation or an attempted violation of criminal sexual conduct under MCL 750.520c, MCL 750.520d, or […]

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Cash for Clunkers – Legislation Pitfalls

Certainly the Car Allowance Rebate System (CARS) and the Cash for Clunkers program has not only increased automobile sales, created great dealership and automaker profits, stimulated the stagnant economy, and provided monetary relief too many consumers such as you and me. It is becoming increasingly apparent that the CARS and the Cash for Clunkers law […]

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Traffic Charges Require Strong Defense

Michigan traffic charges require strong and knowledgeable attorneys. Since its inception Garmo & Kiste, PLC, located in Troy, Michigan, has provided a strong defense to all traffic related charges. We have represented individuals in Oakland, Macomb, Wayne, and Lapeer Counties, and take an aggressive, intelligent approach to these matters. If you choose us, we promise […]

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Bankruptcy Lawyers in Michigan

Do you have mounting Debt? Have you been sued by a medical provider, a credit card company on a bank loan, or by a former landlord, etc.? Let us help you. The Attorneys of Garmo & Kiste, PLC are experienced Debt Collection Attorneys who now specialize in Debt Collection Defense and Bankruptcy Work. In the […]

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Troy Michigan Attorneys, Garmo and Kiste, PLC

At Garmo and Kiste, your matter is important to us. We are a Troy, Michigan based lawyers who will zealously represent you and work tirelessly to protect your rights. Unlike many other law firms, we will not treat you as merely another case. Rather, we offer the personalized care and attention you deserve. The solutions […]

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